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Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion Beyond Vanilla Marketing

Sales promotion or promotional marketing as it is also called, is a high-energy activity formulated to increase the sales of a product or service. It may include a very broad and creative variety of choices through advertising campaigns, public relations initiatives, free sample distributions after a sales demonstration, and even promotional giveaways at a trade fair or exhibition.

Developing the concept for your sales promotion campaign is as important as its implementation and since both areas are specialized and call for high levels of expertise, it is best to utilize the services of a promotional marketing and sales promotion company such as Vistas to develop a winning campaign for your organization.

Innovative Sales Promotion from Vistas

At Vistas, sales promotion plans can be exceedingly diverse. They are original, creative and highly result-oriented. It is precisely for this fact that it is virtually impossible to establish a pre-defined set of sales promotion activities. To develop a comprehensive list of sales promotion activities is not as important for us as it is to develop a clearly defined and well-thought out sales promotion action plan which we always discuss with you prior to implementation.

Here is a broad sampling of categories which Team Vistas can use to develop, fine-tune and successfully implement a full-force sales promotion action plan for you:

  • Sales promotion through e-mail
  • Sales promotion through direct sample give away
  • Money off or percentage off coupons on products and services
  • Interactive sales promotion through the use of dedicated web sites
  • Joint promotions featuring your product and another company's product
  • Bonus points on frequent purchases through a loyalty program
  • Sales promotion associated with a charity or an NGO
  • Product demos tied to a free gift

Sales Promotion and the Vistas Pledge

At Vistas, we develop promotional marketing solutions that work. Our strategically sound sales promotion programs are meant to project your company's products in an all-encompassing center stage setting. Our marketing professionals work very hard to conceptualize high-impact promotions which generate measurable outcomes.

Please call or write to us today and Team Vistas will partner with you to sky-rocket your product to the forefront of your product segment.




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